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Branding Agency

The brand is the core of any business. Being the most essential part of your company means that it must receive considerable attention, modification and care if it is to remain modern and inspiring to your customers.

At DotPeak Branding agency we take pride in our ability to create a memorable brand that heralds creativity and speaks volumes about your company’s philosophy.

If you are wondering how we have branded successfully for clients in the past then why not keep reading.

West Sussex County Council

Our team of branding specialists built their brand completely from scratch. Previously the company had no website, no branding and no logo, so we had our work cut out.

But that’s what we love, watching a brand evolve and grow into an integral part of a company.

We also designed presentation documents and newsletters which remained consistent with the overall brand image.

MCQ Bank

DotPeak digital branding agency crafted a comprehensive brand for the online exam provider by building its website, creating the logo, implementing a marketing campaign and establishing the overall brand image.


The Oracle Recruitment agency requested a fresh new look for their site to boost online presence. Our branding experts were able to redesign their website and rebrand them so they could successfully boost their revenues from businesses and customers.

We have many more stories and examples to tell. However we would prefer to hear about your brand and ideas! So why not give us a call today on …..